When you’re grilling on a hot summer night, you don’t want to get hot under the collar trying to make up for inferior ingredients: great ingredients make for great meals. Cooking time is short when you’re grilling steak so you’ve got to start with a high-quality cut of beef. Grilling lower-quality meat can result in a disappointing meal. At the same time, you don’t want to empty your wallet to pay for expensive cuts of beef and then grill them into charred hockey pucks – that’s frustrating for everyone. Let the New Brunswick Steak Company guide you to how to grill the greatest grilled steaks, whether it’s for your big 4th of July celebration or just a beautiful summer evening on the patio.

Selecting the correct cut of beef is essential to successful grilling. You want to start with a cut that’s suited to the grill. Cuts that are suited to braising can also be grilled, but it’s very easy to wind up with a tough steak because these cuts want long, slow, moist cooking. The grill is the exact opposite: you’re cooking method is dry and hot. Focus on more tender cuts of beef that cook to perfection with speed.

You want a steak that’s not too thick (no more than 1 ½” inches), and well-marbled (low-fat cuts can become tough very quickly). Some people feel that the best beefy taste is found in cuts that leave the bone in, but this is a matter of preference.

The favored steaks for grilling are always available, aged to the height of flavor, at the New Brunswick Steak Company. What you’re looking for is a NY Strip, a Ribeye, or the great popular classics, the T-Bone and Porterhouse steaks. These are the cuts that will make your cookout a standout.

What these cuts have in common are that they’re just fatty enough to tenderize the meat while it’s cooking. Over the heat of a grill, the beef’s fat, which is naturally well-distributed throughout the steak, melts into the flesh. Oily marinades aren’t necessary with these cuts – a little salt and pepper are enough to help you turn these steaks into mouth-watering masterpieces. A dry rub of your favorite herbs and spices can make these steaks heavenly.

Other cuts of beef, like the top sirloin, can be grilled very nicely but need a little more attention before cooking. For a cut like the top sirloin, you’ll want to marinate the beef for several hours before grilling. The easiest way to marinate steaks is to create your marinade (some red vinegar or wine combined with your favorite herbs and spices make an easy and flexible marinade) and pour it into a large food storage bag. Place your steaks in the bag, seal it, and place in a big bowl. Keep the bowl in your refrigerator all day before you cook dinner. The acidic content of the marinade will help break down the fibers of these cuts of beef, and help it cook to perfection. You will want to be careful about cooking time with cuts like the top sirloin, but these cuts can make very worthwhile candidates for the grill, and shouldn’t be forgotten!

The New Brunswick Steak Company is also proud to offer you all-natural beef steaks. These cuts have no antibiotics or hormones added, and while they are less fatty than our other steaks, the aging process the New Brunswick Steak Company uses makes these selections very tender and flavorful. We can supply you with all-natural NY Strip (also known as Delmonico steak), Ribeye, and Top Sirloin steaks, all of which would make a lot of people happy at your grill this summer.

The New Brunswick Sampler, a popular selection here year-round, is a perfect collection to keep at hand when you’re planning your grilled meals. The New Brunswick Sampler offers you Porterhouse, Ribeye, and NY Strip steaks, as well as the Filet Mignon cut (perfect for a really special grilled dinner – a summertime birthday or wedding anniversary to celebrate, perhaps?). Whatever your grilling plans are this summer, you can turn to the New Brunswick Steak Company for the best steak around.