Cooking with RARA is a labor of love that began when I was about 10 or 12 years of age.  The name Rara was bestowed upon me by my older sister Autumn (a.k.a Auddie).  As a toddler Auddie was unable to pronounce my name, which resulted in Robin becoming Rara.

My cooking experiences began when my Mother went to work during a time when society viewed women as being responsible for staying at home and caring for the children and family.  A stay-at-home Mom was expected, anything less might be an indication that a man was unable to support his family.   The reality however, is that my Parent’s wanted bigger, better, and different, for their children.

My Mother in her infinite wisdom advised us, that she wanted us to plan one day of the week in which we would cook dinner.  I loved thumbing through and reading the cooking books, combining recipes, and watching my family’s face light up as they delved into yet another dish prepared by Rara.

I continued cooking and perfecting recipes over the years.  I now have two granddaughters.  I would set them on the counter in their infant carriers so they could watch me cook.  A fussy granddaughter would easily be calmed while watching me cook.  I talk to them and tell them what I am making and what I was doing.  Now my granddaughters are older, they still sit on the counter, and watch as well as help me cook, thus the concept of “Cooking with Rara”.  This website as well as my “Cooking with Rara” cookbook are created to share some of my love of food, family, and recipes with all of you and your loved ones.